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MOAA National

As a leading military lobby the goal of MOAA is to address Legislative Issues with Congressional Members. MOAA annually generates a list of issues they want to emphasize with Congress which will appear in the National Goals. In addition, once a year members from MOAA Staff and Council and Chapters “Advocacy in Action” visiting Legislators to discuss these issues. The link provides legislative items of interest where you can stay posted on MOAA’s legislative efforts and congressional votes affecting you and your benefits.

State (FCOC)

As with the National list of information, FCOC Legislative Staff is now including Florida state legislative information. The link provides a view of the State Legislative information relevant to the military and veterans.


Here at the local “grassroots” level this is where we engage our respective legislators to advocate for those issues affecting servicemembers, veterans, retirees, family members, and survivors in our local community and to ensure benefits and services are protected. We will keep you posted on MOAA’s legislative efforts and congressional actions affecting you and your benefits.